Happy New Year!!

Does anyone else LOVE groupon as much as I do?! On the 30th I realized we had zip for plans on NYE so I went to Groupon for inspirational ideas and a discounted adventure ;). In Arizona we make a BIG old deal about Christmas, i’m pretty sure we are compensating for having NO change in seasons or any sign of snow, so our hotels here GO BIG! Staycations are my FAVORITE thing to do with my family, and if im being honest my #1 mom fantasy is to have a personal staycation where i go to a hotel, sleep all day, and order room service ALONE (am i alone on this?!) New Years eve wasn’t the best timing to abandon my family so I included them in my Groupon findings and we headed off to Fairmont Princess for a “christmas at the princess” adventure!

At 3:45pm on NYE we decided we should make a reservation for dinner (slightly late in the day, and/or month…) thank GOD for opentable.com we found a table at a Teppanyaki (i had to google the spelling on that) restaurant right around the corner!! They put us in the ONE area they obviously saved for “family dining” with a young couple who had already had a few too many drinks “john look, that baby is putting a banana in his hair!” (see below)….Oh man….


(insert banana in his hair right after this….)

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WE actually had so much fun at dinner! PARENT TIP- It was a perfect way to keep the kids entertained and quiet, even the baby, so if you are looking for a family friendly dinner, TEPPANYAKI is PERFECT!!

We headed back to the hotel and over to the “Christmas at the princess” outdoor fun! They had a tubing hill, train ride through the lights and $26 dollar S’MORE kits (eye roll). OK here is the HIGHLIGHT of this whole adventure, well there are two but this one is more exciting! WE were jumping off the carousel when I SPOTTED a semi famous person with their family. Doing what most people do I not so casually shoved jesse, stared awkwardly, and then tried to figure out his real name! After 24 hrs it finally hit me who he was, Matt Bomer (from white collar, I put a pic below in case you only watch HGTV like me) and if I had remembered that at the time i would have been wayyyy more awkward.

14th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women

*SIDE NOTE STORY THAT IS WORTH A READ- When I was in my early 20’s (so basically last year) I was at a party here in arizona where I spotted Milo Ventimiglia (rocky movie) and got super excited! I ran over and asked a guy he was standing with if he would mind stepping back so I could get a picture! Upon review of the photo later my friend basically jumped out of her skin when she realized who I had asked to “step out” of my photo….can anyone see who it is? I am officially an idiot and obviously not good at placing actors…


(yup that’s bradley cooper….)

Back to NYE, the second funny story of the night was the TUBE hill that they had at the christmas event. IT looked so fun, but like most parents we draw straws to see who stays with the baby and i drew the short straw. I pulled out my camera to film the kiddos and jesse sliding down the hill when i see jesse getting in his own tube and it officially made my night. I don’t know if you have ever watched an adult get in a tube in a pool but its usually worth a watch and always good for a laugh and this was no different! (this will be shown in our website this month). Anyway, i quickly realized I had actually dogged a bullet on that ride!

26234157_10156204998473729_876648294_n26233990_10156204998488729_587957636_n26234620_10156205014718729_661064477_n(noah gave the graham cracker mascot a full side to side hug which was about the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while, STRETCH…….. and HUG!)

We headed back to the hotel to order room service,  $40 in diet coke and water (Insert another eye roll) and went to sleep at 10:30pm completely missing the ball dropping into the New Year!


The next morning we headed to the pool (in 50 degree weather) before packing up and heading home! It was a quick and VERY fun stay, that I would happily repeat, with someone else bank account, again next year!

Upon arriving home today and enjoying our first day of 2018 together we LOST SOMETHING pretty important that we will never forget….


His other front tooth is very loose and I am hoping it stays in long enough so that he doesn’t have a “Stranger Things” size hole in his mouth but we might not be so lucky haha!

Happy New Year! We wish you all health, happiness, and Lots of love in 2018!

-The Csincsaks’


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