Beauty Review

Like most women if I L O V E something i have to share! And since we live in a day and age where my recommendation is not enough i documented my findings of some of my beauty must haves!!

Basically from ages 14-28 I WORSHIPPED the sun! I did everything short of putting butter on my skin to get the sun to soak in faster! Then at age 29 i looked in the mirror and about keeled over with the tiniest wrinkle starting to show through. SO NOW, i worship sunless tanners πŸ˜‰

I asked on facebook a few months back for some sunless tanner recommendations and this one kept popping up! Its NOT cheap but its SO worth it! skip a few lattes at starbucks and invest in the baby!



St. Tropaz recommends their mitt to help apply this lotion without streaks, but i lost the glove a few weeks ago πŸ™‚ so my review does NOT include the glove and i did just fine! Although i am 99% sure my daughter took it to hide candy in.


Don’t mind the bruising from the gym πŸ˜‰

This is after 1 application on my left leg and only 5 minutes after applying! It dries SUPER fast and your skin feels crazy soft after!! Wash your hands ASAP if you apply without gloves, which i of course did haha, or you will end up with some form of green/brown palms.

Overall i give the St. Tropaz Sunless tanner a A++++++ they do have a shower version that is a gradual tanner if you are nervous to apply this straight to your skin!


Hydrogel Eye Patches

I swear i do my nails but I may have forgotten before this beauty review πŸ˜‰

Along with the sun and wrinkles came a big slap of reality a few years ago so i invested in some skin care, stayed out of the sun, and then along came KIDS! Kids = NO SLEEP, stress, TONS of Joy, and then no sleep again. So as a mama of 3 my under eyes needs some TLC, on the daily!

I was introduced to these hydrogel under eye patches in february and it was love at first application πŸ˜‰ They are LOADED with Hyaluronic acid (no clue what it was either but thank you GOOGLE) which helps fill in the fine lines and PUMP moisture into your skin.


They feel incredibly COOLING and I saw a difference after only 20 minutes! I also flipped them over and put them on the smile lines around my mouth to help fill in lines there. My children were scared to death when i did that but they also still believe a rabbit delivers eggs filled with reeses to our house in april so they don’t have the best judgement πŸ˜‰



Overall I give these an A++++++++ and cant wait to use them again next week, OR Tomorrow night πŸ˜‰



LAST but not least WHO struggles with the perfect Curl?! Beach wave, wand, sleep styler, perms, body waves, braid your wet hair and the list goes on! I have spent THOUSANDS on hair products, curing irons, and watched WAY too many youtube tutorials. HOWEVER I think my love for this beauty tool officially replaces all my other irons!

Day 2, maybe 3 of dry shampoo

I have curly hair but when i blow dry it and lightly straighten it, it won’t hold a curl to save my life!


I left the bottom inch out of the curler but overall normal looking curl

I have the wands and long barrel curling irons and have tried both and get about the same type of curl.


This machine has a setting for 8,10,12 seconds and you can also adjust the direction the curl goes (left/right/alternate)! The ONLY problem i have with this tool is that you cant put a large amount of hair in it, only small amounts so it does take longer to curl. HOWEVER, the curl lasts for days even brushed out (see below)


OVERALL rating is A+++ on the babyliss Nano curler! Sidenote they sell them at ULTA and if you wait for 20% off coupons it saves you a ton!

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