Unicorns for days!

I am a perfectionist to the CORE, and that is definitely not a good thing when it comes to kids parties! I think I had planned the perfect unicorn themed event for about 2 months before the actual day, but as it usually does, life puts a kink in your planning πŸ™‚


I woke up at 5 am the day of, that’s right 5…. I got dressed, headed to walmart (since it was the only store crazy enough to be open that early) for some last minute items! Balloons, goodie bags, oh and presents that I had forgotten to buy haha! I went home, started to slow cooker for some shredded chicken tacos and sat down to relax for a few minutes (first mistake haha). All of a sudden it was 11:30am and everyone was arriving in 30 minutes! For some reason I thought it was a good idea to have 3 things for Jesse to assemble minutes before the party (hand to forehead). Now although I ASKED him to do that I also blamed him for not helping, men are so lucky to have us women haha!



I spent the next 30 minutes burning corn, making soggy rice, and forgetting to put the actual meat for the tacos out. I also never took ANYTHING from my walmart trip out of the car! So after going into a cold sweat (I told you i’m a perfectionist) I ran to take a shower to rinse off yesterday’s makeup and sprayed a BOTTLE of dry shampoo in my hair and headed out to greet our guests (AKA my family so really all this stress was for nothing, they didn’t care).

*CORN SALAD WAS SOOOOO GOOD! (click for link to the recipe)


Let me scroll back a few days to how I prepared so you can see how NUTS it was to have forgotten everything on the day of!

I call myself the pinterest fail mom, If its not a thing it is now! I saw these adorable glitter jars on pinterest that basically set the stage for all the other nonsense I thought was necessary! They took 2 days total (not 48 hours of work but they needed time to dry!) Basically Spray Paint, Paint on Glue, Glitter, and Glue Flowers and accessories! I use Mod Podge for my adhesive glue but you can use elmers and just add a little water to thin it out. MAKE SURE to thin it out cause if there are lines in the glue there will be line in the finished product πŸ˜‰

*TIP- You can also just get iridescent glitter and use the spray paint to dictate the color of the jars! Also saves money on glitter (usually glitter is $5 a pop!)

Next up was Unicorn Popcorn from Pinterest! This one is actually SUPER easy but slightly time consuming and VERY messy! But tastes amazing!! BTW if someone were to visit my pinterest page they would think I had a serious food obsession with all the stuff I save for parties haha!

*TIP- Add a little coconut oil to the candy melts so make it easier to go on, Let dry in between coats and then toss and do the other side of the popcorn! Adding a little sprinkle made it more fun!

The boxes are from amazon and were such a cute little touch and only $6!

The recipe calls for regular popcorn but we used kettle corn and it was sweeter and perfect for this recipe!

If I can leave you with one tip from one mom to another, DON’T get hung up on the details, remember that social media only shows THE BEST parts of our lives, not the story in between! So plan, enjoy, and a lesson to myself would be to RELAX!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE 4!! Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into our lives. WE LOVE YOU!