Monday Must Haves!

I sat down with a friend who kept asking me to help her write a blog. It turned into a few hours of laughing about our lack of technology know how, our love for all things white (which if you have kids is IMPOSSIBLE) and our drive to change the image of Stay at Home moms!

I consider myself a work from home mom, because that is EXACTLY what I have become. A few years ago i was a busy boutique owner on my feet 15 hours a day/ 7 days a week with 2 tiny kids in tow. That no longer made sense so i had to find another source of income! So that is where I am not, I am the chaotic home maker with 3 little kids at my feet most of the days and I LOVE IT!

Because of my crazy lifestyle I have found a few must haves that I wanted to share with our readers!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer– This is a MUST have concealer! I wear Medium for the concealer and and a bit darker for the foundation. You can only find this “shape tape” from ULTA or amazon. It’s lightweight, I can use one “dip” of the brush for my whole face, and when I use my beauty blender it doesn’t even look like I have anything on (HALLELUJAH!)

Beauty Blender– MUST HAVE! Why on earth it took me so long to find this thing i have no idea, and i can’t even explain why its so much better than the cheaper sponges but it is! (its the little pink sponge in the front). If you have problems with even makeup, dry skin, large pores, or just don’t like applying foundation with brushes this is a MUST! Saves SOOO much time! (remember mom on the go!)


Coffee First Mug– Yes, its adorable but ALSO keeps my coffee hot for 4-6 hours!! I get compliments on it all the time and it makes my black coffee taste just a little bit better πŸ˜‰


Sweet Sweat Band– OH YES! I know what you are thinking, its NOT a waist trainer! I was actually given this recommendation from a friend who is a trainer at my gym and believe me, I was skeptical! I wore it to the gym that first day and basically left with MASSIVE amounts of sweat falling off of me. I DID NOT feel hot, it was not running down my legs or anything (i was worried about that too haha!) and I noticed a difference in my midsection right after taking it off. Its not a FIX all but it does help tone the midsection and keep water weight off of it! (I pair this with my firm cream to tighten my skin and help with stretch marks)


All the products are linked so you can easily find them online (click the title of the products)


These are all must haves that fit into any budget and any time frame you have so i had to put them on our MONDAY MUST HAVES